Scopely – Lead Technical Artist

  • Setting up work processes through creating Jira boards, dashboards
  • Roadmap planning with other Lead and Senior Tech artists for the Tech Art department
  • Facilitating retrospectives, sprint planning, and reviews
  • Regular 1:1s with all TA’s within the project
  • Hiring and on boarding Tech Artist
  • During my time, I managed to career couch 2 regular tech artist into senior positions

Senior Technical Artist

  • Fixing UI-related bugs in Unity, such as layout issues
  • Tutoring artists using Unity and internal tools
  • Clean up the project in terms of resources and memory
  • Optimization of futures that are being released
  • Creating an internal tutorial confluence page with videos in regards of the project

King – Game Engine Artist Advocate

  • Represented interests of 500+ game developers in a cross located company with the focus on the
    Candy Crush franchise to the game engine team; worked on increasing productivity of workflow
    of artists; giving continuous UX feedback to the engine team during the development process
  • Managing backlog tickets, including following up on bugs and improvements; checking if the
    game engine quality is up to industry standards
  • Creating video tutorials, giving courses and tutoring 1:1 sessions about usage of the internal
    game engine from the artist point of view

Happy L-Lord AB -Technical Artist

In the following project I was the TA / Voxel artist. Some of my achievements where:

  • Research on different voxel software out there and the
    best ways to export the voxel generated art, to get the optimal
    performance results for a web based mmorpg
  • Generating voxel artfor the game, such as characters and environment art
  • Rigging in Maya

In the above video you can see a team effort of two people I set up 60% of the
scenes and came up with the idea of the introduction video from the time I was
playing the game Shadow warriors. I also had the scenes rendered and our
animator finally put everything together in after effects

Indie Game – Artist / Animator

This project was an indie effort by me and my developer friend. We spend 3 month creating the entire game from scratch in Unity. My focus was to create all the art peaces. Which included:

  • Level design and creation
  • Asset creation and destruction
  • Animations
  • UI elements
  • VFX

During the porject I used Magica Voxel to create the voxel art and the Rayfire plugin in 3Ds max to generate the destruction peaces.